Segura Viudas - Spanish Cava


Segura Viudas winery in Penedes, SpainSegura Viudas has always been obsessed by quality, and by expressing the very essence of its ancestral vineyards and the special indigenous vines grown there. All of this without ceasing to be at the very spearhead of innovation and the most modern technology. Winemaker Gabriel Suberviola is in absolutely no doubt that “only the highest quality grapes are capable of producing cava with personality and complexity”.

Grapes from the indigenous white varieties – Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada, form part of the very tissue, the soul of Segura Viudas cavas. Suberviola adds that “the indigenous grapes of our region are at the heart of our creations, and added to a meticulous selection of vineyards and grapes, allow us to offer up cavas with their own identity”. At Segura Viudas local tradition has gained universal acceptance. To paraphrase Honoré de Balzac, the character of Segura Viudas is the silent and constant strength of its will.


In each bottle of Segura Viudas lives the will to reflect the character and identity of its terroir and grapes.
Each sip is a little sip of home. The vineyard sites are selected by soil type, altitude and microclimate. Each grape variety needs its own special surroundings. At Segura Viudas the saying that “a great wine is born in the vineyard” is at the very heart of the company philosophy.

So, great value is placed on vineyard tasks, and great respect is given to nature’s ways. Each grower is consulted personally on the pruning style to be used, to reduce the vigor of the vines, to produce lower yields but higher quality and a higher concentration of aromas and flavors.


Another key moment in the creation of wines and cavas at Segura Viudas is the harvest. Grapes are carefully hand harvested and collected in 25 kilo capacity boxes to avoid damaging the berries and consequent oxidation of the must.

The goal is fresh, fruity healthy fruit. When they arrive at the winery, the grapes are analyzed, and up to 17 quality parameters are measured. Sufficient potential alcohol, along with optimum maturity and acidity are three essential elements of the philosophy of Segura Viudas. A light pressing of the grapes, to extract just 50% of the potential juice, offers the highest possible quality juice. In addition, for the alcoholic fermentation unique, indigenous yeast strains have been created at the winery.


The process concludes after a meticulous blending process of different base wines from the three varieties, and long aging in the half-light of the cellars. Behind each blend lies a long and detailed set of tasks. It is a work comparable to that of a great orchestra, in which each different finely tuned wine plays its part in a harmonious composition.