Segura Viudas - Spanish Cava

Winter celebrations

Holiday Party Poppers

We love to personalize our gifts and what better way to wrap up a surprise than with a nostalgic holiday popper!

The Christmas popper was invented by English baker Tom Smith, after returning from a trip to Paris in 1840. His wrapped candies he returned with inspired him to create this wonderful holiday tradition!

Follow our simple instructions and download our festive paper design for a truly unique gift:

Download step by step instructions
Download festive paper design

Although a toaster won't fit, a little ingenuity will make this a memorable gift. Here are a couple gift suggestions to fill your holiday poppers:

The requisite tissue paper hat!
Gift certificates from the artisan cheese shop
Jewelry - we love heavily embossed, symbolic necklaces, bracelets and rings
A 50ml miniature liqueur to mix with Segura Viudas!
Antique door pulls
Wrapped, gourmet chocolates or caramels
Fabulous flea market finds!
Seed packets for a windowsill garden
A personalized message or quote from a favorite book