Segura Viudas - Spanish Cava

Pairing Cava with Food

Segura Viudas Brut ReservaSparkling wine is often times relegated to being served with only appetizers and desserts, but in reality, it is a remarkably versatile beverage that can be served throughout the meal! Here are some tips for successful pairings and some suggestions to try for yourself.

Fried and Rich
Cava acts as a palate cleanser when paired with fried food and dishes with rich sauces. The crisp acidity and bubbles cut through fatty flavors, refreshing the palate for the next bite.
- Brut with vegetable tempura
- ARIA Estate Brut with linguine in mushroom cream sauce
- Extra Dry with beignets

Smooth and Silky
For a refreshing contrast to smooth, silky food textures, cava's effervescence adds an interesting textural dimension.
- Brut with creamy butternut squash soup
- ARIA Estate Brut with triple cream brie
- Reserva Heredad with seared foie gras

Tart and Tangy
Cava is a brilliant match for bright, tart and tangy foods, which need to be matched by an equal measure of vibrancy in the wine.
- Brut with ceviche
- Brut Rosé with Nicoise salad
- ARIA Estate Brut with Eggs Benedict

Salty foods love to be paired with crisp acidity of cava.
- Brut with marinated olives, salted mixed nuts or even potato chips!
- ARIA Estate Brut with Caesar salad

Cava's fruit forward quality acts as a foil for spicy food.
- Extra Dry with shrimp fra diavolo
- Brut with Sichuan Dan Dan noodles

Cava's freshness and luxuriant texture is beautiful with fresh shellfish.
- ARIA Estate Brut with oysters with mignonette
- Reserva Heredad with a raw seafood platter

Cava can even be a lovely partner to meats such as pork or duck as the acidity provides a nice balance and also pairs wonderfully with the typical fruit accompaniments.
- Brut Rosé with pork chops topped with grilled peaches
- ARIA Estate Pinot Noir with roasted duck breast with cherry chutney

Eggs are picky when choosing a wine partner, but they love cava!
- Brut with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
- Extra Dry with Quiche Lorraine