Open up
& toast to today

Raise a glass to every occasion with Segura Viudas, an award-winning Cava rooted in rich Spanish winemaking heritage. A distinct méthode champenoise sparkling wine, perfect for those with a taste for discovery.

Sip it. Spin it.

What happens when one of the hottest electronic DJs gets her hands on a bottle of Segura Viudas? The Sip It Project is born.

Check out our Cava-infused collab with renowned DJ and electronic music producer, Anna Lunoe.

Jam Out

Throw some Cava in the mix

Get any party started with some Cava cocktails. Taste the signature "Cava kick" in everything from lemonade mimosas to ginger margaritas.

Plays well
with others

It doesn’t take swiping to find your meal’s perfect match. Everything about our Cava, from its freshness to its acidity, opens up the flavor of whatever’s on the menu.

Work Out,
Then Wine Down

Raise a glass to crushing goals. At the end of every roundhouse kick, half-moon pose and 5K is a cold, bubbly glass of Cava.

Our Cava

A sparkling wine hailing exclusively from Spain, Cava is the hidden treasure you've been waiting to find.


Nothing screams party foul like running out of Cava. Make killing vibes a thing of the past with our Cava Calculator. Just tell us the number of guests and length of the party, and we’ll figure out how many bottles you’ll need.


Small Get Together

What could be better than some Cava and chill?

Find your Cava

Social Gathering

It’s not the size of the group at the party, it’s the size of the party in the group.

Find your Cava

Humble Shindig

You’ve turned a group into a squad.

Find your Cava

Total Shenanigans

Time for a full-on, furniture-clearing fiesta.

Find your Cava

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